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North East Hardwoods, Inc. (NEH) primarily purchases its timber supply from the Allegheny National Forest (ANF), Pennsylvania Conservation & Natural Resources (PA DCNR), and the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC).  These lands have the highest concentrations of high quality hardwoods that NEH desires.

A small percentage, but a valued amount, of NEH’s timber does come from local private lands.  NEH has managed some of these tracts for many years and harvested them two and sometimes three times.  NEH does not pursue private tracts aggressively.  Most of these purchases have come by “word of mouth” from previous satisfied landowners.

For every private tract that we manage, our foresters first goal is to find out the landowner’s goals and objectives.  Next, we look at the condition of their timber stands (i.e., the health of the stands and the merchantability of the trees).  We try to match their goals and objectives with our assessment of their timber stands.  Sometimes, the recommendation is to let the trees grow more.  Other times, it could be to refer them to another purchaser that can better utilize what they have.

We always want landowners to be comfortable in managing their timber stands.  We want them to have good experiences selling their timber whether it is to us or someone else in our industry.

North East Hardwoods would be interested in buying your logs, standing timber, or timberland.  Please contact the office at 814-927-6333 or and one of our foresters will be touch with you.