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Cherry Veneer Logs

The “Allegheny Plateau” region of Pennsylvania grows the finest Black Cherry in the world. This is the area that North East Hardwoods focuses on procuring its timber resources.

Good color, even texture, thin sap and minimal gum are all qualities that you will find in the top quality Cherry veneer logs at North East Hardwoods.

We take pride in the preparation and presentation of our log parcels. All parcels are prepared prior to inspection by the buyer. Logs are set up on stringers, ends are freshly clipped, length and diameter are written on each log, and tallies are provided to the buyer if desired.

Please contact Joe Plummer  (Cell: 814.319.2669 or for more information or to set up an appointment.


Thin Sap Cherry Veneer Log
A thin-sap Cherry Veneer Log. 18′ long and 19″ diameter.


Specialty Veneer Logs

We often have miscellaneous Veneer logs such as Curley Maple, Ash, and White Oak in our yard as well.  Curley, or “Tiger” Maple, is a specialty item used for guitars, gun stocks, and unique veneers.  Please contact Art (Cell: 814.229.0551 or or Joe (Cell: 814.319.2669 or for current inventory and availability of these species.


This is a profile picture of a broken piece cut off from a Curley or Tiger Maple log.