North East Hardwoods, Inc. is located in the “heart of the finest quality Black Cherry region,” just five miles south of Marienville, Pennsylvania.  We specialize in veneer log sales, both domestically and internationally.

We have over 180 years of forest industry experience, and take pride in providing superior quality hardwood logs to customers worldwide.   We buy timber from the Allegheny Plateau region of northwestern Pennsylvania, which is home to high quality Black Cherry, Red Oak, White Oak, Hard (Sugar) Maple, and Soft (Red) Maple.  We procure standing timber from mostly the United States Forest Service (USFS) Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania (PA) DCNR, Pennsylvania (PA) Game Commission, and some private landowners.

North East Hardwoods is a log brokerage company- because we do not further manufacture our logs, it is our goal to find the right buyer for every log that comes into our yard.  Our four foresters cruise approximately 12 million board feet of standing timber every year, searching for only the highest quality hardwoods in Northwestern and Northcentral Pennsylvania.  Our loggers are trained and experienced to assure that the highest grade logs are properly cut out of each tree.  When the logs are delivered to our yard, each one is graded, scaled, tagged, and inventoried according to grade and species.  We only scale using the Doyle log method.  Each individual log is entered into our computerized inventory system.  We then sort by species and into one of three categories of grade- Veneer logs, Export logs, and sawlogs.

We sell all of our sawlogs to sawmills in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Export saw logs or “3-sided logs” are sold by appointment, please contact Michael Hepinger. (814.229.0551 or  We are equipped to load containers on-site for efficient delivery to port.

The highest quality veneer logs (four sides clear) are only sold by appointment.  Please contact Joe Plummer (814.319.2669 or to set up an appointment.